Another day at the office

Responding to student emails on my laptop from a shaded bench by the campus library = what “work” looks like for me now. 

Thank you, Past Heather, for being fearless and making scary choices. It was totally worth it, and I won’t let you down.


All last week, I was the only moped to park in the motorcycle parking area near my building on campus; little Skylar made company with a dozen real-life, badass, intimidating cycles. It’s not that I care about being an outsider (riding an under-powered moped in a town bereft of two-wheeled vehicles, you quickly learn to drop your ego), but I was surprised to learn that no one else has discovered how efficient, how quick, how fun, how cheap scooters can be in a college town.

So, imagine my delight when I came out to the motorcycle parking lot after class today and discovered my secret soulmate:

Skylar and friends

Aiiyeeeee!!!! A partner in mint-green, 35-mph crime! I found it nothing less than magical that the model of Skylar’s doppelganger is the Buddy.

Now, I just have to time it exactly right in order to meet Buddy’s owner. We can trade stories, share tips about riding in the rain, maybe get coffee together sometime, uncover similarities in our tastes in wine and movies, become best friends, move in together and…

Wait! Heather, breathe. You’re getting ahead of yourself, here.

For now, I’m just tickled that Skylar’s not alone. Where I was once a proud outsider, I’m now part of a club. A tiny and strange club, but still.🙂

Note to Self: I have got to stop eating popcorn in bed right before I fall asleep. I mean, as of today, I’m a teacher for chrissake, and waking up in a minefield of errant kernels does not scream “Go mold some minds today, wise sage!”

Home cookin’

But what happens when you have two homes? You represent both.



What happens when Heather assembles IKEA furniture by herself? 




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